General Mizintsev’s Bloody Precaution. How Russian propaganda works during the war

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It is unclear how carefully Russian propagandists work on their information and psychological special operations against Ukraine, but whatever they come up with, it almost always ends up being a projection of their own doings.

Ordinary Ukrainian marines defeat the enemy not only on their usual battlefield, but also in the information space. 

Kicking Kadyrov

We remind you that the Kremlin’s propaganda machine edited and published another fake video, in which military servants of the 503rd Special Marine Battalion allegedly surrender to the Russians.

And who published this video? The main TikTok warrior of this war, Ramzan Kadyrov. The Russians said that such a mass surrender happened for the first time during what they call a “special operation.”

In fact, the 503rd Battalion officially stated they never surrendered to anyone and continue to “kick the occupiers’ butts where necessary!”

Adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andriushchenko believes that the published video is staged:

  1. There are no marines from the 503rd Battalion in the video; they did not surrender.
  2. The video seems to have been filmed in a village near Mariupol, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces were not actually stationed.
  3. Russian troops stole Ukrainian uniforms from the Azov Regiment base in the village of Urzuf.
  4. Many people in the video are clean and shaved. They do not look like they were in fights before.

The main purpose of this video is to sow panic among the defenders of the city and civilians. Especially since before that, the Russians again issued an ultimatum to surrender Mariupol before it came out.

By the way, mainstream propaganda messaging strangely shifted from the official name “special military operation in Ukraine” to “special operation to liberate the Donbas.” And the RIA maps previously called “Successes of the Special Operation” have turned into “Course of Special Operation.”

Talking yourself into a life sentence

The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation stated that “according to confirmed information, in the evening of April 4 in the village of Moshchun, 23 km northwest of Kyiv, military servants of the 72nd Ukrainian Main Center for Psychological Operations conducted another staged filming of civilians allegedly killed due to violent actions of the Russian Armed Forces for further distribution through Western media. The same measures have been taken by the Ukrainian special services in Sumy, Konotop and other cities.”

As we see, after the Bucha Massacre, the occupiers are trying to take precautions before further news comes in about their crimes. Moreover, as the SBU has already announced, the aggressor is preparing a new large-scale provocation in Mariupol to blame it on Ukraine. The occupiers are planning to put the bodies of Mariupol residents they killed in one place and claim they are mass casualties of the Ukrainian military.

We remind you that previously, Russians claimed they “had to” destroy the maternity hospital in Mariupol because “Nazis” were allegedly hiding there.

While the Russians’ twisted imagination comes up with Mariupol “cyborgs” hiding in theatres and hospitals, chief of the National Centre for Defence Management of Russia Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev reported that “the Armed Forces of Russia have eliminated 93 Ukrainian militants who fled from Mariupol posing as civilians.”

If we translate it and put it in human terms, he actually confessed to shooting 93 unarmed people because they were “actually” “militants in disguise.” Another precaution. A bloody one. Many believe that Mizintsev basically talked himself into a life sentence for crimes against humanity.

The big escape from Mariupol

The subject of alleged abandonment of post in Mariupol by the Ukrainian army is among the new favourites of the Russian fake-makers. 

The Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters of the Russian Federation for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine has invented another story. This is how it goes

“Intercepted active radio talks between disparate groups of nationalists, including foreign mercenaries who remained in Mariupol, have unequivocally established that a fierce struggle has erupted between them over the order of access to the humanitarian corridor: militants threaten to shoot a convoy if they are not on evacuation lists in the next humanitarian convoy. ”  

It is becoming increasingly difficult for Russians to explain to the world why people are not allowed to evacuate from the city under siege, where life has turned into hell. And what comes in handy is, of course, “the Nazis” and a little imagination. They have come up with a whole international Nazi gang now. Of course, what is left for them to do, according to Moscow, if not fight among themselves and shoot at humanitarian corridors?  

Beware the landmines! On TV

While bomb defusing experts can only make a mistake once in their lives, the directors of propaganda stories do not have that problem. In a recent story about demining of towns in Sumy Oblast, the camera person is walking right in front of the expert searching for mines. 

Common sense is clearly absent here, but considering the video was made for the Russian audience, a quality fake is probably unnecessary anyway. 

Mordor Looters

According to official reports, Russian troops show miracles of bravery and tenacity during the war. This is not surprising, considering the “special operation” turned out to be very special for many Russian soldiers. Propagandists of the aggressor continue to glorify new victories of “Hostomel heroes”. They tried to portray the occupiers stationed near Kyiv as heroic, but instead, the whole world saw them as looters, who sent stolen TV sets, AC units, clothes and many other things to their hometowns through Belarusian express delivery services.

No worries, though: looting has been recently decriminalized in Russia.  No wonder, considering that what Moscow Mordor is doing in Ukraine is also a form of looting. On a very large, national scale.  

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