From Pegov to Krasovsky. The Centre for Strategic Communication has collected dossiers on the main Russian information criminals

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The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security has launched a series of publications “Russian Information Criminals” together with partners.

Semen Pegov 

Worked for: VGTRK, Life News, Abaza TV, WarGonzo, RT
Countries where he disseminated lies: Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Belarus, Egypt, Syria
Awards: Levitan award, medal “For extraordinary services in elimination of consequences of emergency situations.”
Participation in PSYOP:
“A month ago, during the conflict between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the DPR in the grey zone on the line of contact in the area of Hladosove and Maiske, the Ukrainian side dropped an improvised explosive device with impressive elements from the drone on the location with the personnel of one of the Donetsk brigades near Horlivka.”
“Armed forces soldiers used the same tactics near Horlivka even a month before the ISIS attack with unmanned drones from the air base of the Russian Air Force in Syria.”
“Thanks to the capture of Vrubivka, it was possible to encircle neo-Nazis from the Armed Forces in the settlements of Hirske and Zolote.”

Dmitry Steshin

Worked for: Komsomolskaya Pravda
Where he disseminated lies: Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, South Ossetia and North Caucasus, Ukraine, Georgia
“For Merit to the Fatherland” of the II degree for “objective coverage of events in Crimea.” Medal “Participant of the military operation in Syria”
Charges, sanctions:
Closely communicated with the far-right Russian nationalist from the criminal group BORN (“Combat Organization of Russian Nationalists”).
The SBU prohibited Dmitry Steshin from entering Ukraine for abetting terrorists. After the publication of his materials, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Serbia initiated a criminal case, which was subsequently referred to the Hague Court. Under UK and Australian sanctions.
Calls by the perpetrator for genocide
Our target is war to the last man alive. They should all remain in the blindages, under the floor slabs, and in the field graves that are hastily made.
Of course, the British must be shot and killed as soon as possible, there is no one to negotiate with…

Participation in hostile PSYOP:
On January 25, the Chairman of the State Duma Committee for CIS Affairs of the RF said that the shelling of Mariupol was “a provocation of the Ukrainian military just like cases of Volnovakha and Boeing,” providing false information that the OSCE had reported the shelling from Ukrainian positions. Steshin also put the blame on Ukrainians, referring to the “investigation” of his colleague from “REN-TV” – Valentin Trushnin.
His conclusions were refuted by Mariupol blogger Maxim Borodin. The investigation of the SBU and the published records of telephone conversations between servicemen of the Russian Army put an end to this lie.

Oleksandr Sladkov

Worked for: TV channel “Russia”
Where he disseminated lies: Transnistria, Tajikistan, Abkhazia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Ukraine
Awards: Three awards of the Federal Security Service of Russia, the Medal “For the Return of Crimea,” the Order of Courage and the Order of Honour
Charges, sanctions:
He has been on the sanctions list of Ukraine since March 2022.
“Opposite me sits Sladkov, one of the Russian propagandists who called themselves journalists of the Russia24 TV channel. I was brought to him from Izolyatsia for an “interview.” I was brought there and then back with a bag on my head and in handcuffs. I was warned that if I refused to talk or say what they wanted, I had to think of my mother and the fact that there were still empty cells in Izolyatsia,” former prisoner of war Aseyev says about Sladkov.
Calls by the perpetrator for genocide:
Guys, the enemy must be beaten so hard so that each of those who remained alive had no thought of revenge. Let them fear. The Russian asphalt paver will follow all the planned routes. And the ship will pass through all the necessary water areas.
I want dozens of heavy missiles to be launched from combat positions in the Russian territories this night. Iskander missiles will not be enough for me today. I want Khreshchatyk to turn into smoke and ash. We were promised. Russia has taken responsibility for Donbas.
And I demanded yesterday, in hot blood, that Kyiv be shelled in response. I was wrong, I admit. We need to wait for the departure of these servants of the United States, and then hit Ukraine hard, let everyone suffer, from the soldier to the marshal.
The most striking lie:
Where is the outrage that the Armed Forces and Ukrainian Nazis are killing civilians!? Does it seem that it is not people but sub-humans who live in Donbas? So, this is actually the Anglo-Saxon view of the population of the Earth. Ukraine learned quickly.
This is usual fascism. In this way, the Germans bombed the peaceful Stalingrad, and then attacked it with the participation of Bulgarians, Romanians, Hungarians, Spaniards, Italians, Ukrainian nationalists, etc. I agree with Andrey Medvedev, when the cities of Ukraine will burn, do not ask what for and why.

Yevgeniy Poddubnyi

Worked for: TV channel “Russia”
Where he disseminated lies: Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Lebanon, Abkhazia, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Syria
Medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of the II degree for work in the course of the military conflict in Tskhinvali. Medal “For Courage.” Order of Courage (awarded on 31 July 2014). Order of Alexander Nevsky (awarded on December 10, 2015). Order “For Merit to the Fatherland,” IV degree (awarded on January 26, 2017). Honoured Journalist of the RF
He was Putin’s confidante during the 2018 presidential election
The most striking lie:
In front of your eyes, your country was captured by neo-Nazis. In 2014, at the Independence Square in Kyiv, it was the Banderites who were the main driving force. You stood there justifying yourselves, saying this was done to overthrow Yanukovych by all good means.
Then the neo-Nazis came to Donbas. And people in Donetsk and Luhansk had the courage and will to stop the Banderites. You didn’t. You continued to live with the idea that it didn’t concern you, that you were not Banderites, but that you lived next to them, worked together, studied together, and even fought. You accepted the fact that there were criminals living next to you. Here’s another chance for you. Decide for yourself who you are. Free people or puppets manipulated by the supporters of the ideas of Nazi criminals. Call things by their names. It’s easy.
We are fighting not only and not so much with the Armed Forces, which became the allies of the Ukrainian Nazis. The formation of the Kyiv regime is just the hands that did the job. Ukraine in general is built on PR, and similar actions for the public field are a trick of the regime. The years of work of Western advisors are now yielding results.

Maxim Fomin, known as Vladlen Tatarsky

Worked for: VGTRK
Where he disseminated lies: Ukraine
In 2014, he was a member of the “militia” of Horlivka and served in the “Vityaz” regiment (“LPR” unit). LPR Fourth Brigade Intelligence Unit; 2015: East Battalion; since 2017: Intelligence Battalion.
Calls for genocide:
The day began with Taira, and it ends with Taira.
The chronology is as follows: the khokhols talk about saving this faggot of a woman.
The Kharkiv Nazi herd called itself “Kraken”…there is no more commandant in Velyka Pysarivka. He suddenly left to see bandera. Kharkiv front of the SGVR “Perseus.” We keep working.
If we can’t print large quantities of attack drones, let’s buy them from Iran. We’re not afraid of sanctions any more, are we? Embarrassing to buy? I think it’s embarrassing to lose the fight.

Andrey Rudenko

Worked for: Russia 1
Where he disseminated lies: Ukraine
Until 2014, no one knew Rudenko as a journalist. He was an ordinary civilian correspondent. He chose the profession of military correspondent because, according to him, he was a former military man.
Calls for genocide:
So far, these madmen have not been given more serious weapons by their masters. But they will definitely be given weapons. Therefore, our task is to bring these animals to their senses as soon as possible.
All the loud words about targeting the decision-making centres, it’s a delusion. Where are these centres? In Kyiv? But I am sure that there is no one there who decides anything. We need a complete, unquestionable victory on the front and the purification of all Ukraine. This is the only right solution for the whole situation!
The most striking lie:
The Nazis began to strike the cities with NATO 155 mm artillery shells with contactless fuses, courtesy of the French government.
Americans are fighting against us somewhere in Ukraine. Running, shooting, making videos. All these videos are pure Hollywood. I think that in the near future, our missiles will easily find the right hotel with these soldiers of fortune.

Yuri Kotenok

Worked for: Editor-in-Chief of the propaganda publication
Where he disseminated lies: Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh
Calls for genocide:
The elimination of the criminal Kyiv regime must be brought to an end
Only victory, complete, radical. With no possibility to restore combat efficiency in the coming decades.
True professionals and valiant warriors fighting for the right cause.
If you want to get into the legendary unit and take part in the liberation of all Donbas from Ukrainian nationalists, contact us.

Aleksandr Kots

Worked for: “Komsomolskaya Pravda”
Where he disseminated lies: Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela, Haiti
Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” of the II degree for “objective coverage of events in Crimea.” Medal “Participant of the military operation in Syria”
The SBU banned Aleksandr Kots from entering Ukraine for abetting terrorists. Under UK and Australian sanctions
Calls for genocide:
Aren’t the basic European values the same ones that our army is now knocking out of all cities, using all available means of fire strike, as it did in 1941-1945? Sieg-heils, swastikas, banderas and other remnants of the fascist followers in the times of the Great Patriotic War? Revive it. The history teaches fools nothing.
All property seized and stolen. By the way, why does the verb “steal” [in Ukrainian] have a common root with the noun “Ukraine”? (I know that “u” is a prefix here). Is there no Ukrainianophobia here?

Participation in hostile PSYOP:
On January 18, 2018, the Russian media disseminated a narrative about the preparation of Ukrainian troops or large-scale provocations on the line of contact, or an attack on Donetsk/de-occupation of Donbas by force.
A typical material on this topic can be called the article by Aleksandr Kots (“Komsomolskaya Pravda”), which he wrote six months before the adoption of the law. In it, he reported that “hawks” in Ukraine perceive this law as the preparation of a forceful scenario for the return of the occupied territories. However, later this narrative is transformed, and the law on reintegration is not always mentioned.
Investigators of the InformNapalm group reported that since December 1, 2017, Russian propagandists, through an extensive network of publications and controlled pages on social networks, disseminated information about the Armed Forces, which allegedly targeted civilians with propaganda shells with leaflets.
The information was first disseminated by Russian propagandists from “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Aleksandr Kots and Vladislav Berdichevsky from the so-called DPR. It was a standard pattern of information attacks — social media posts were reprinted first by marginal and then by top Russian media. However, specialists from InformNapalm immediately found the falsity of the photographs distributed by a number of signs: incorrect packaging of leaflets, too small craters from shells.

Anton Krasovsky

Worked for: Kommersant and Independent Media, managed special projects at Harper’s Bazaar, publisher of the Wallpaper magazine, headed the department at Pines & Moerner for two years, worked for NTV, KotrTV, was a guest of the “Special Opinion” programme on the radio station “Echo of Moscow,” director of the Russian-language channel Russia Today
Where he disseminated lies: Ukraine
Additionally (charges, sanctions):
In 2011, Anton Krasovsky tried a new role and headed the campaign headquarters of presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov. After the candidate lost, Krasovsky reacted negatively about the elections in Russia and announced his intention to emigrate from the country the next day. After receiving negative feedback, the journalist admitted that the post was a joke and that he was flying abroad on vacation.
In 2018, he supported the candidacy of Ksenia Sobchak, who announced her intention to run for president of Russia. Soon, Anton became part of her election headquarters. Krasovsky was engaged in the media environment and promotion of Ksenia in this segment.
The public figure also announced his intention to run for mayor of Moscow and noted that ideologically he was closer to “United Russia” than to the liberal opposition represented by Ilya Yashin and Ksenia Sobchak.
Under Canadian sanctions
Calls for genocide:
You thought I was in Crimea. But I was in Kherson and Kakhovka. I saw these people who cried, who were homeless, who lost everything. Vinnytsia will not suffice! Not enough. I hope that a final decision will be taken tomorrow. A true one, tactical.
F*ck, this country should not exist. And we’ll make sure it won’t. And I fking told you we were going to burn your Constitution on Khreshchatyk.

Ukrainian khokhols… you are the dumbest and the best fkers on the planet.

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