FAKE: Zelenskyy allegedly called on Israel to “fight terrorism without laws and rules”

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Description of the fake LIE

The President of Ukraine said that “there are no laws and rules in the war on terrorism,” commenting on Israel’s actions in Gaza. This is what the Russian media write.

Refutation TRUTH

Propagandists twisted the words spoken by Zelenskyy in an interview with NBC News on November 5, StopFake journalists write.

“It’s not a new situation at all. It’s a fire that has been burning between Israel and Palestine, and some people are still throwing matches into this fire, and I am sure that Russia was behind sponsoring HAMAS. And Iran, too. That’s who is to blame. When we talk about laws and rules, where there are terrorists there are no rules.

Everything is beyond laws, everybody is trying to save their own lives and fight against the enemy using all the efforts and forces. To finish this war and sit down at the negotiation table, you will have to exert pressure on Russia and Iran,” the President of Ukraine actually said.

In addition, Zelenskyy stressed the importance of protecting all civilians and providing humanitarian assistance to civilians.

So, the Russians simply compiled a fake from several out-of-context phrases of the President of Ukraine to discredit him.

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