FAKE VIDEO: Ukraine allegedly admits that “foreign mercenaries” left it for the sake of the war for Israel

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Description of the fake LIE

Ukrainian television showed a story claiming that “foreign mercenaries,” who were actively sent by Western allies to join the Defence Forces, are currently leaving Ukraine and heading to Israel to participate in IDF operations in the Gaza Strip. This is spread by “z-channels” on Telegram.

Refutation TRUTH

The video is a fake, and the information in it is not true because there are no channel logo, the name of the correspondent, or any other data in the video.

“The perpetrators created the fake story based on a real one from the American news programme CBS Mornings ‘Israel prepares for ground invasion of Gaza after unprecedented Hamas attack’ dated October 9, 2023, in which they replaced the original audio track with their own recording,” the StopFake project investigators found.

The purpose of the Kremlin video fake was an attempt to impose a false opinion that Ukraine allegedly recognized the presence of U.S. contingents and other allies in the war against Russia.

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