FAKE: Video about a cake in the form of a gallows for Zelenskyy

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An Israeli pastry chef allegedly made a cake in the form of a gallows “exclusively for Zelenskyy.” This is an enemy fake.

Description of the fake LIE

Avi Melamedson, a famous pastry chef in Israel, baked a cake in the form of a gallows with the President of Ukraine Zelenskyy on it. This is how the pastry chef protests against the “corrupt government of Ukraine” that armed HAMAS. This information, with reference to the video of The Jerusalem Post, is disseminated by propagandists.

Refutation TRUTH

In fact, there is no such story on the official website and social networks of the Israeli media.

“The video, which is shared online, imitates the design of videos by the Israeli edition of The Jerusalem Post; thus, in the left corner of the video, you can see the company logo. The publication shares its latest videos without a media company logo and any inscriptions at all,” the fact-checkers of the StopFake project found out.

Pastry chef Avi Melamedson in his video addresses the hate speech that some bloggers use against Jews, and not the topic of Ukraine or “smuggling of Western weapons.”

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