FAKE: Ukrainians demanded money from the family of the deceased hostage of HAMAS

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Description of the fake LIE

Ukrainian fraudsters demanded EUR 500,000 on behalf of HAMAS from the families of the deceased German citizen Shani Luk, who had been kidnapped and killed by the fighters. According to Russian Telegram channels, this is allegedly evidenced by the investigation of police officers, which was reported by the German edition of WDR.

Refutation TRUTH

WDR did not publish material about fraudsters from Ukraine who tried to cash in on the grief of the family of a girl kidnapped in Israel.

“A ‘screenshot’ posted by the propagandists indicates that the news was published on October 30. However, neither that day nor that week was there any news about demanding money from the Shani Luk family by Ukrainian fraudsters,” StopFake journalists note.

There is no such investigation in other reputable German media. That is, the Russians simply invented this news story to discredit the Ukrainians.

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