FAKE: Soldiers of the International Legion got involved in a knife fight

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Description of the fake LIE

Non-combatants from the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and Romania were drinking in Kyiv, then quarrelled and started a fight that turned into a stabbing. This was reported by the Russian media with reference to the Telegram channel.

Refutation TRUTH

Neither the Kyiv police nor other sources of information besides pro-Russian ones reported such an incident, StopFake noted.

The publication should not be trusted because it has been spreading the Kremlin’s narratives and Russia’s fakes for years.

In February 2022, Ukraine strengthened sanctions against the publication and its leaders, blocked not only the main domains, but also access to servers and web resources similar in content. However, propagandists continue spreading dubious information through Telegram, social networks, and mirror sites.

In addition, the people mentioned in the “news story” cannot be found in search engines and profiles on social networks, so they were probably just invented to make the fake look more credible.

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