FAKE: Romania is rescuing Ukrainians from the Gaza Strip, not its own citizens

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Description of the fake LIE

Romania is in no hurry to help its citizens who are in the Gaza Strip and asked for help because it saves Ukrainians first. This is reported by the Russian media with reference to the Prime Minister of Romania.

Refutation TRUTH

Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said that about 350 Romanian citizens were blocked in the Gaza Strip; 200 of them asked for evacuation assistance. Currently, none of the Romanian citizens managed to leave the danger zone, but the authorities keep in touch with almost everyone.

The Romanian Prime Minister did not make any statements that Romania was going to evacuate Ukrainian citizens from the Gaza Strip first, StopFake journalists stressed.

The evacuation of both Romanians and Ukrainians currently blocked in the Gaza Strip is not yet possible. Therefore, the statements of propagandists are only fictions.

Romania is evacuating those citizens who are not blocked in the Gaza Strip. Thus, on October 8, 356 Romanian citizens were brought home, who were taken out of Tel Aviv.

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