Fake: Quote of Pentagon Chief Allegedly Warning Russians against Hunting Abrams Tanks

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Description of the fake LIE

“Repetition of the situation with the German Leopard, when they were hunted, is unacceptable, I saw these calls. Play by the rules,” U.S. Secretary of Defense Austin’s statement is spread by users of the Russian segment of Facebook and propaganda agencies, citing his speech during a press conference of the Contact Group.

Refutation TRUTH

At the 15th meeting of the Contact Group on Defence of Ukraine, which was held in Germany on September 19, Lloyd Austin did talk about American assistance to Ukraine, but did not say a word about the “hunt for Abrams.”

“The content and wording of this statement are similar to information that was created for a satirical purpose, but it is disseminated as a real story,” the investigators of the Georgian project Myth Detector found.

Moreover, there is no identical or similar statement by Austin in official sources and on the websites of world media.

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