FAKE: Propagandists write that Zelenskyy “boasted of having a lot of money” in Romania

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy “boasted” of a large amount of money and announced the “final stage of the conflict with Russia” during a visit to Romania, according to Russian propaganda.

Refutation TRUTH

In an interview with Romanian journalists, which Zelenskyy gave on October 10, the president did not brag about having a lot of money, StopFake journalists noted.

When asked when the war would end, Zelenskyy said he could not name an exact date:

“I know we are going on the counteroffensive, and Russia will leave our territories. I think I know when, but I also can’t tell you. This is the last part of the war.  It’s not the middle. The first phase was the occupation, then the halt of the advance, and the interception of initiative. I believe we are in the last part. We have many fears: means, weapons, but we are in the last and most challenging stage.”

The fake producers must have distorted the phrase of the Ukrainian president about fears on money and weapons and conveyed it as “we have a lot of fears, money, weapons.”

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