FAKE: Greta Thunberg allegedly called for the use of vegan grenades in wars

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Description of the fake LIE

On the BBC talk show The One Show, Greta Thunberg appealed to humanity to think about the damage that wars caused to the environment and switch to the use of biodegradable missiles and vegan ammunition. Such information is spread by Telegram channels with pro-Russian rhetoric.

Refutation TRUTH

The Swedish ecoactivist indeed attended The One Show on the BBC back on October 31, 2022, but the video itself was then spread on X (formerly Twitter) marked “Satire.”

“In the real video, Greta Thunberg talked about an information campaign for her parents on the topic of ecology. She started turning off the lights at home and became a vegan. The original does not mention the use of vegan grenades or waging vegan wars,” the fact-checkers of the Gwara Media project found out.

In addition, Resemble.AI analysts examined this video using a voice-over generator and found that the animation around the ecoactivist’s mouth was changed.

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