FAKE: Canned food with cockroaches is given out to Ukrainian refugees in Dresden

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Description of the fake LIE

Ukrainian refugees in Dresden are given canned food with cockroaches as humanitarian aid. The Russians are sharing this story on social networks.

Refutation TRUTH

The video, which is spread by propagandists, shows a tin can on which Wiener schmorgulasch (Vienna stewed goulash) with heuschrecken und gebratene kakerlaken (“grasshoppers and fried cockroaches”) is written in German.

Canned food with this name is not available in German or Austrian online stores. Similar product can be bought on large marketplaces, but not as food, but as an entertaining gift for Halloween, StopFake journalists noted.

Even if the canned food depicted in the video did exist, it could not be sold in the EU since it includes cockroaches that are not on the list of approved insects of the European Food Safety Authority.

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