FAKE ALERT: Ukrainians are fleeing from Zelenskyy to Poland en masse 

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Description of the fake LIE

On February 5, 16,400 people left Ukraine for Poland because Ukrainians continue to flee from Zelenskyy. This information is disseminated by Russian Telegram channels with reference to Polish border guards.

Refutation TRUTH

On February 5, 16,400 people really left Ukraine for Poland, but this does not mean that none of them will return home.

Currently, when the sky over Ukraine is closed to civilian aircraft, one of the few options to get to any other country is to go through Poland. Ukrainians go on vacation, visit their relatives abroad, or go on business, and then return.

This is evidenced by at least the number that Russian propagandists did not mention in their manipulative posts. On the same day, when 16,400 people left Ukraine for Poland, 17,600 citizens returned to Ukraine from Poland.

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