FAKE ALERT: Ukraine is ready to replace Texas as part of the United States

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Description of the fake LIE

On January 25, in his traditional evening address, President Zelenskyy said that Ukraine was ready to join the United States instead of Texas. Pro-Russian information channels report this with reference to TSN.

Refutation TRUTH

The “statement” of the President of Ukraine spread by the Kremlin’s propaganda is a nonsense invented by them because Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not say anything about Texas in his official address.

The TSN website also has no materials on the topic of Ukraine and Texas, and the screenshot from the alleged TSN website and the news about “joining the United States” distributed by fake makers are a fake version of the article by Maksym Zhuravel, which he wrote on January 25.

The lies spread by the Russians are aimed at discrediting the Ukrainian authorities, who are allegedly ready to take advantage of disagreements and contradictions in other countries to meet their own goals.

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