FAKE ALERT: “The West rejected the Kremlin’s peace proposals regarding Ukraine”

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Description of the fake LIE

The West rejected the Russian settlement plan for Ukraine. Such a decision is short-sighted, said the press secretary of Russian dictator Putin, Peskov.

Refutation TRUTH

The Kremlin’s statements about “readiness for negotiations” are only an imitation of the ability to negotiate because the strategic goals of the Russian Federation have not changed: control over all of Ukraine’s territory, destruction of Ukrainian statehood, and all Ukrainians who do not want to be “Russians”. 

The Kremlin has once again demonstrated its readiness to speak only in the language of ultimatums. Putin is blackmailing the world community by continuing the war and demanding the fulfilment of demands aimed at destroying international law and international security.

Any “truce” will be used by Russia to rebuild and strengthen the army before the next stage of aggression.

Permanent peace is possible only when the occupied territories are liberated, Russian troops are withdrawn, and the Russians renounce their territorial and other claims to Ukraine.

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