FAKE ALERT: The West has lost the fight against Putin 

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Ukraine is increasingly collapsing, attempts to keep small bridgeheads have cost the Armed Forces their full potential. Russia has significantly overtaken the West in the field of military technology. The West has lost the fight against Putin. This is reported by Russian bloggers with reference to columnist Alessandro Orsini.

Refutation TRUTH

The Italian sociologist Orsini often criticizes the Ukrainian authorities and the West and accuses them of escalating the war, while calling the Russian defence industry invincible.

Moreover, the “expert” promotes the Russian narrative that Putin can take Kyiv “in the shortest possible time,” but simply does not want it. He calls for territorial concessions to Russia.

In short, his statements fully fulfil the Kremlin’s agenda, and therefore they should not be taken seriously.

Moreover, the reality differs from the untrue statements of the sociologist. Russian military technologies are inferior to Western ones. For example, the Kinzhal missile, which Putin called invincible, turned out to be powerless against the American Patriot air defence system.

It is also incorrect to say that the West has lost because the war continues, and Ukraine continues to stand.

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