FAKE ALERT: The United States believes that the war in Ukraine will end on Russia’s terms 

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The war in Ukraine will end on the terms dictated by Russia after the complete defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is reported by Russian media with reference to a military expert, former U.S. Marine Brian Berletic.

Refutation TRUTH

Berletic is a pseudo-expert who spreads Russian propaganda. In particular, he tells the English-speaking and Russian-speaking public that the Ukrainian military is “killing its own population to frame Russia.”

He also previously claimed that Ukraine would continue to lose its regions.

There is no sense in trusting the “forecasts” of such a person because he only voices statements that are to Russia’s advantage. This is his private opinion (probably paid for by the Kremlin), not the position of the United States as a whole.

Currently, there is no reason to think that the Defence Forces are in for a “complete defeat.” The Ukrainian army holds the line and inflicts significant losses on the invaders.

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