FAKE ALERT: The Embassy of Ukraine in Germany collects data on adult men participating in rallies

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Description of the fake LIE

The Ukrainian diplomatic agency in Germany asks the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees to facilitate the transfer of data about men who gather at actions in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Embassy will transfer the information received to the recruitment centres at the place of registration of citizens of Ukraine. Photo of the letter is shared by users on the Internet.

Refutation TRUTH

We do not collect any such information nor do we plan to collect it because we have more important tasks. This is how Oleksii Makeiev, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Germany, reacted to the fake letter:

“It follows from the poorly created fake that we are asking Germany to provide us with information not even about Ukrainians, but about all adult men participating in some rallies.”

The ambassador also points to errors in the “document,” the German agencies renamed at the sole discretion of the fake makers, the wrong form, and the lack of a correct registration number.

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