FAKE ALERT: “F-16 fighters’ transfer to Ukraine is a move towards escalation”

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Permission to export F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine is a deliberate step towards escalation, and the responsibility for the consequences of this escalation lies with Western countries, said Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands Vladimir Tarabrin in an interview with the Kremlin’s propagandists.

Refutation TRUTH

This manipulation is designed exclusively for the Western audience, whom Putin, together with his henchmen, has repeatedly threatened with “consequences” for crossing imaginary “red lines” after the supply of any NATO-style weapons and equipment.

In fact, with its armed aggression against Ukraine, Russia is solely responsible for the escalation of hostilities.

The timely delivery of the F-16, its components, and ammunition to Ukraine, will equalize the chances of Ukrainian pilots in the fight against Russian ones, and save the lives of Ukrainian civilians who suffer as a result of daily Russian air attacks.

Increasing aid to the Ukrainian Air Force will allow Ukraine to win the war in the air.

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