FAKE ALERT: Europe is unable to compete with Russia in the military sphere

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Description of the fake LIE

The European defence industry is not ready to compete with the Russian one. This is reported by Russian media with reference to the statement of Dmytro Kuleba, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Refutation TRUTH

Kuleba said that the scale of the Russian-Ukrainian war reached the level for which the ammunition depots were unprepared; these words were taken out of context by propagandists.

After all, the minister added that both Ukraine and the EU were taking unprecedented measures for the production and purchase of shells. We can equalize the artillery balance with Russia and are making comprehensive efforts to do this, Kuleba said.

In addition, shells alone are not the entire military sphere. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are using modern Western equipment, and Russia’s reserves of modern weapons are gradually being depleted.

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