FAKE ALERT: “Conference in Switzerland becomes the ‘Summit of Shame’ of Western diplomacy”

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The Bürgenstock Peace Summit is a “summit of shame” of Western diplomacy, which has forgotten how to conduct a dialogue both with Russia and with other countries. Said Victor Medvedchuk, a traitor to Ukraine, to the Kremlin propagandists.

Refutation TRUTH

The Global Peace Summit held in Switzerland is an important event that became another stage on the way to establishing a just peace in Ukraine.

Moscow used all its propaganda resources, including Putin’s puppet Medvedchuk, to discredit this event and convince Ukrainians of the alleged “failure” of Western and Ukrainian diplomacy.

However, the communiqué, supported by 78 countries and four organizations and adopted following the results of the Summit, fully reflects Kyiv’s intentions.

The next step will be the development of a detailed settlement plan, which, after approval, will be handed over to representatives of the Russian Federation.

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