FAKE ALERT: A Ukrainian calls on the Poles to fight against Russia 

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Description of the fake LIE

Krzysztof Sokołowski, a Ukrainian, calls on Poles to go to war and kill Russians. The video with this caption was shared by Andrzej Zapałowski, a pro-Russian politician from Przemyśl.

Refutation TRUTH

Krzysztof Sokołowski is a Pole, he was born in Warsaw and graduated from the University of Warsaw. He began to learn Ukrainian in 2022, Ukrinform journalists found out.

Sokołowski used to be a lawyer, but lost his licence due to numerous frauds. Now he has become a tool in the hands of pro-Russian Polish politicians.

Thus, Zapałowski represents the anti-Ukrainian party Confederation in the Sejm of Poland. In addition, a video with the narrative “a Ukrainian calls on Poles to fight against Russia” was spread by Rafał Mekler, a well-known figure of the Confederation and one of the faces of the blockade of the Ukrainian-Polish border.

With such fakes and provocations, the Kremlin is trying to promote the narrative that Ukraine is aggressive, that it started the war and is trying to draw its neighbours into it.

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