FAKE ALERT: A journalist who said that Zelenskyy’s family had purchased an expensive villa was killed in Egypt

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Description of the fake LIE

In Egypt, investigative journalist Mohammed Al-Alawi, who had published documents on the purchase of the villa by the mother-in-law of the President of Ukraine Olha Kyiashko for USD 4.8 mln, was killed. This is reported by Russian Telegram channels with reference to El Mostaqbal.

Refutation TRUTH

According to investigators of VoxCheck, rumours about the murder of Mohammed Al-Alawi have been denied by the Egyptian Interior Ministry.

They also stressed that the villa, which Al-Alawi had previously mentioned, belonged to a family from Egypt, and not to Zelenskyy’s mother-in-law.

El Mostaqbal, which began spreading the news about the murder of the “investigative journalist,” referred to the “press,” although no reliable international media reported on it. Subsequently, the material was deleted.

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