FAKE ALERT: A fire at a New Jersey airport destroyed an arms depot intended for Ukraine

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Description of the fake LIE

In the American city of Elizabeth, a fire broke out in a large industrial complex located near the seaport, where military assistance for Ukraine was stored. The video was shared by a propaganda Telegram channel.

Refutation TRUTH

On January 5, a large-scale fire did occur at this complex; to eliminate it, more than 100 firefighters were engaged, but there were no weapons at all in these warehouses, the fact-checkers of the VoxCheck project found out.

According to local authorities, the industrial complex housed companies for the production of household goods, clothing, wind shields for cars, and kitchen appliances.

If, in fact, weapons or ammunition had been stored in these warehouses, then during the fire, detonation and explosions would have been heard, which the media and locals did not report.

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