FAKE: “After the war in Ukraine, NATO will attack Russia”

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At the summit of the Visegrád Four, the readiness of the countries to enter the war against Russia was discussed because NATO is ready to attack Russia after the end of the war in Ukraine. This is what the Russian media write.

Refutation TRUTH

The meeting of the Visegrad Four was devoted to the security of Europe in the light of Russian aggression against Ukraine, StopFake journalists noted.

After the summit, Czech President Petr Pavel told reporters that in the context of the unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine, NATO members considered Russia to be the main security threat in the region.

Therefore, the armies of the EU countries began to actively prepare for the possible expansion of the Russian war: they increased defense spending and improved the quality and level of training of troops. However, Pavel stressed that Europe did not seek to find itself in such a situation.

In February 2022, NATO member countries revised their Strategic Concept and wrote out Clause 9, which emphasizes that “NATO does not seek confrontation and poses no threat to the Russian Federation.”

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