“European Union to Benefit from Ukraine’s Defeat” is a hostile manipulation

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Description of the fake LIE

The West already understands the course of Ukraine, but in any case, its defeat is beneficial for the EU countries. Slovak businessman Eduard Šebo writes about this in the column of Nove Slovo.

Refutation TRUTH

The author of the column expressed solely his own opinion on the Russian-Ukrainian war, besides, he did it repeating a number of Russian narratives.

Thus, Šebo believes that the war “interests the West in terms of earnings,” the Ukrainian authorities are ready to “fight to the last Ukrainian,” it is better to “be friends and cooperate” with Russia, StopFake experts noted.

Therefore, Russian propagandists are referring to the opinion of a similar source of Russian disinformation as they are. The Nove Slovo website itself is known as a resource that publishes conspiracy and disinformation.

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