87% of Ukrainians support the country’s EU future, and Ukraine carried out the exchange and returned home 35 killed defenders. The Main News on June 21

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TOP NEWS: Ukraine has returned home the bodies of 35 Ukrainian defenders, including 25 defenders of Mariupol. Russian Forces continue shelling of Ukrainian cities. In Avdiivka, the school was attacked. In Kharkiv, residential and commercial buildings were shelled. In Severodonetsk, the Azot chemical plant, a brick plant, and bridges were targeted. The Prime Minister of Luxembourg visited Borodyanka and Kyiv. Germany announced weapons to be provided to Ukraine.

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A 26-year-old defender of Ukraine died on June 18 near Donetsk in mortar shelling.


In Avdiivka (Donetsk region), Russian Forces shelled a school

Russian Forces have already destroyed three schools in Avdiivka. In total, Russian Forces have destroyed about two hundred schools in the Donetsk region.

Russian Forces continue to shell Lysychansk in the Luhansk region

Russian Forces targeted Lysychansk, destroying more than ten high-rise residential buildings, private houses, and the police station building. At least one person was killed and one woman was injured.

During the day, rescuers delivered 300 kg of food and 40 tons of water to the residents of Lysychansk.

In Severodonetsk, fierce fighting continues

Russian Forces attacked the building of the chemical plant “Azot”, as well as the territory of the brick factory and three bridges.

At the Azot plant, which is now under attack by Russian Forces, 568 people remain, including 38 children.

Russian Forces continue to shell Kharkiv. As a result of attack, five Ukrainians were killed

Russian Forces attacked the Industrialnyi District of Kharkiv, shelling commercial and residential buildings with Uragan multiple rocket launchers. As a result of the attack, 5 Ukrainians were killed and 11 were wounded.

Ukraine has returned home the bodies of 35 defenders

In Zaporizhzhia, the bodies of the dead were exchanged in the format of 35 to 50. Ukraine returned home the bodies of 35 dead defenders, 25 of them defenders of Mariupol.

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg visited Borodyanka and Kyiv

“As long as the war with Russia continues, Luxembourg will support Ukraine,” said Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Bethel.

Ukraine is already using German Panzerhaubitze 2000 howitzers

Germany announced weapons to be provided to Ukraine

Germany plans to provide Ukraine with the IRIS-T SLM air defense system, three MARS multiple rocket launchers, 30 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, seven Panzerhaubitzen 2000 howitzers, and 10 armored vehicles.

Ukraine has received the status of a partner in the Three Seas Initiative

87% of Ukrainians support country’s EU future, and 76% of citizens support NATO joining

87% of Ukrainians support Ukraine joining the European Union, only 4% of Ukrainians are against it. 76% of citizens support Ukraine joining NATO.

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