33rd Day of the Full-Scale Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Ukrainian defender in the village of Mala Rohan, liberated from the Russian occupiers, in the Kharkiv Oblast. By Aris Messinis

TOP NEWS: Russia continues to target Ukrainian infrastructure with missiles. This time the enemy hit the fuel depot near Rivne. Ukrainian authorities decided not to evacuate people due to intelligence, but managed to evacuate more than 400 people from the Luhansk region. In Enerhodar, local residents again took to the streets with Ukrainian flags. The Ukrainian defenders liberated Irpin near Kyiv and pushed back the enemy from Kryvyi Rih. Azerbaijan has promised to provide Ukraine with fuel for the agricultural sowing season. The G7 countries refused to pay for gas in Russian rubles as Putin demanded.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Firefighters are extinguishing a fire at a fuel depot near Lutsk, which was hit by Russian missile

Extinguishing a fire at a fuel depot near Lutsk, which was hit by a Russian missile. By the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Volynsk Oblast


Russia fired a missile at a fuel depot in the Rivne Oblast

The Russian troops fired a missile at a fuel depot in the Rivne Oblast, said the head of the Rivne Regional Military Administration Vitaliy Koval.

The occupiers launched a missile strike near Nikopol

Russian troops targeted a facility near the city of Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast with a missile. There were no casualties.

Russian military shelled the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration building

Several dozen people managed to leave the building. The rescue team is searching the rubble for 8 civilians and 3 servicemen.

More than 400 people were evacuated from the Luhansk Oblast

On March 28, 221 people were evacuated from Severodonetsk, 118 were evacuated from Lysychansk, 30 were evacuated from Popasna, and 20 were evacuated from Rubizhne. Humanitarian aid was also provided to the communities of these cities.

Enerhodar is a Ukrainian city! Residents took to the streets for a peaceful protest

Enerhodar residents took to the street for a peaceful rally to show that the city remains Ukrainian. Protesters demanded the release of First Deputy Mayor Ivan Samoidyuk.

Irpin was liberated from the Russian occupiers

Ukraine’s Irpin city located near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv has been liberated from Russian troops, according to the mayor. The people are still not allowed to return to the city due to ongoing threats.

Russian troops pushed back more than 40 kilometers from Kryvyi Rih

Ukrainian defenders pushed back the Russian troops from Kryvyi Rih by 40-60 kilometers.

Trostyanets was liberated. Town’s communication was restored and the wounded residents were taken to hospital 

Ukrainian forces retook the town of Trostyanets, south of Sumy, in northeast Ukraine, from Russian forces. The wounded residents of the town were taken to the nearest hospitals. Residents whose houses have been destroyed by Russia were evacuated to Sumy. Starlink, a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX, is used to restore Internet connections in this town. 

In Kyiv, hundreds of mines that did not explode were found

Hundreds of unexploded mines have been found in Kyiv over the past few weeks. The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls to be careful with suspicious objects.

Azerbaijan will provide Ukraine with fuel for agriculture sowing season

Azerbaijan will provide Ukraine with fuel for the agriculture sowing season, which started despite the war. 

The G7 countries will not pay for gas in Russian rubles

The G7 will not pay for Russian gas in rubles, considering Putin’s demand breaking of existing contracts.

Ukraine starts exporting electricity to the EU

On March 30, Ukrenergo will start exporting electricity to Poland. This will allow Ukraine to obtain additional resources for the restoration and development of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure during the war.

30 European countries have completely or partially shut down Russia’s propaganda channels

The National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting reported that 30 European countries had completely or partially turned off Russian propaganda. At the same time, the number of countries that broadcast radio and television programs in Ukrainian has increased.

EBRD to close its offices in Moscow and Minsk


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