29th Day of the Full-Scale Russian Aggression in Ukraine

Children play in front of a house damaged by Russian shelling. By Alexander Ermochenko

TOP NEWS: Russia continues to destroy Ukrainian cities. The occupants shelled the Kyiv-Ivano-Frankivsk evacuation train. The enemy deports the residents of Mariupol, sending them to remote areas of Russia. The evacuation from cities and villages under Russian shelling continues. The first exchange of prisoners during the war took place.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: A Ukrainian flag at the City Council of the temporarily occupied Kherson


During the war, Russia killed 130 children

As a result of the Russian aggression, 130 Ukrainian children were killed and more than 172 were injured.

The Russian occupants shelled the Nova Poshta delivery point, where Kharkiv residents received humanitarian aid

Russia launched a missile attack on a humanitarian aid center in Kharkiv. People queueing to receive food were hit by long-range missiles. 6 civilians were killed, 15 people were hospitalized with injuries.

Russia has launched missile strikes on a military unit in Dnipro

The Russian occupants launched two missiles at a military unit in Dnipro. Rescuers are dismantling the ruins and looking for people.

Ecacuation train Kyiv–Ivano-Frankivsk was shelled tonight by Russian troops near Vasylkiv

No one was injured among the passengers and the train crew.

The Russians continue to destroy Rubizhne

The Russian occupants shelled Rubizhne, destroying houses. Two people were killed. Rescuers may not be able to dismantle the ruins due to the Russian shelling.

The Russian troops continue to deport Mariupol residents to Russia

In Mariupol, people are forced to get on buses to Russia. Occupants confiscate their identity documents. About 15,000 Mariupol residents were deported. 

Ukrainians, who are being deported to Russia, are being sent to depressed areas in the northern regions, including Sakhalin.

Donetsk region: more than 200 thousand civilians without access to water

More than 200,000 residents of the Donetsk region do not have access to water, the UN said. In the coming weeks, all settlements in the region can face the same problem of lack of water.

In Kherson the deputy of regional council was kidnapped

The Russian occupiers kidnapped Dmitry Afanasyev, the deputy of one the regional council. He was severely beaten by Russians during an anti-Russian protest. Then Dmitry Afanasyev was kidnapped.

Russia has committed 148 crimes against journalists and the media since the invasion

During the month of the war, Russian troops killed five journalists and wounded seven. One journalist is missing. Six cases of abduction and torture of journalists have been reported. More than 70 media were forced to shut down due to seizures, threats and temporary occupation.

800 Mariupol residents, with children and pets, arrived to Lviv

Ukrzaliznytsia has published a photo of the evacuation of Mariupol residents who successfully and safely reached Lviv.

Russia’s invasion has displaced half of Ukraine’s children

The United States is ready to allocate more than a billion dollars to victims of Russian aggression in Ukraine and accept 100,000 refugees

The White House is ready to provide more than $1 billion in aid to the victims of the Russian invasion.

The United States will also welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression.

Ukraine has held the first full-fledged exchange of prisoners of war with Russia

Countries have also agreed to exchange 11 Russian civil sailors, rescued from a sunken ship near Odesa, for 19 Ukrainian civil sailors from the Sapphire rescue ship, captured while trying to evacuate Ukrainian soldiers from Zmiinyi Island.

The Ukrainian defenders liberated a village in the Kyiv region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the village of Lukyanivka in the Kyiv region from the Russian occupants. About 40 Russians, 9 military vehicles and 2 tanks were destroyed.

A Russian helicopter shelled the positions of the Russian troops in the Kharkiv region

A Russian helicopter shelled the occupants’ positions near Mala Rogan in the Kharkiv region, killing a large number of soldiers and military equipment.

In Energodar, deputies of the City Council resigned 

Most deputies of the Energodar City Council resigned on March 23-24 to prevent themselves from being used in attempts to create illegal “people’s republics”. They continue to work in the city and support the residents.


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