16th Day of the Russian War in Ukraine

TOP NEWS: Russia’s provocation to urge Minsk to wage war against Ukraine, Russia’s terrorist attack at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plan, Russian troops use the Zaporizhzhya NPP as a military base, attacks on Ukrainian cities.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: The Russian military fired on the Oskilsky psychoneurological facility in the Kharkiv region

At the time of the shelling, there were 330 people in the building, including 50 patients with reduced mobility and 10 wheelchair users, head of the military administration reports.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: The story of a Ukrainian woman from Poltava region, whose son is a Russian pilot and takes part in the war against Ukraine

The woman saw her son in the news. He became a prisoner after an airstrike on Ukraine. He lives in the temporarily occupied Crimea. And he did not see anything criminal in the order to bomb the civilian population of Ukraine.


Russia has launched another false-flag operation to urge Minsk to wage war against Ukraine

Russia has launched a provocation – an aerial attack on Belarus from Ukraine’s airspace. Its puprope is to urge Minsk to wage war against Ukraine.

Russian planes took off from the Dubrovytsia airfield (Belarus), entered the territory of Ukraine, turned around over Horodychi and Tumen, and then fired on Kopan (Belarus).

Ukrainian border guards in the Rivne region recorded the arrival of planes from Belarus on the territory of Ukraine.

Putin has ordered to prepare a terrorist attack at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plan

The occupiers plan to create a technological disaster at the Russian-seized NPP and blame it on Ukraine.

The Russians use the Zaporizhzhya NPP as a military base and claim that the station belongs to Rosatom

The occupiers use the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant as a military base. Enemy vehicles are stationed at the territory of the plant.

Russia shelled Mykolaiv

Russian shells hit homes, cars, parking lots, and coffee shops. According to preliminary information, there is no victim.

The Russians destroyed the Hotel “Ukraina” in Chernihiv

The hotel was one of the city’s famous stots.

Russian forces have launched more than 775 missiles against Ukraine

Hundreds of civilians were killed. Thousands lost their homes.

Russia fired on the nuclear installation in Kharkiv for the second time

The nuclear installation in Kharkov was shelled for the second time by Russian troops. Now the installation is completely de-energized.

The occupiers kidnapped the mayor of Melitopol

A group of occupiers kidnapped the mayor of Melitopol (Zaporizhzhya region) Ivan Fedorov. The city is now temporarily occupied by Russian troops. His mayor refused to cooperate with the enemy.

Kharkiv Art Museum after the Russian shelling

Artworks, hidden in safe places, remained intact, but the building was damaged. The blast shattered the glass in most windows.

Another egregious act against Ukrainian culture

In Chernihiv, the Russian occupiers damaged the Vasyl Tarnovsky Museum of Ukrainian Antiquities.

Evacuation from occupied and surrounded Ukrainian cities

More than a thousand people were evacuated from Vorzel. People from Bucha, Gostomel, and Kozarovichi were also evacuated. At the same time, the Russian occupiers tried to disrupt evacuation.

At the same time, evacuation failed from Mariupol, Volnovakha, Izyum, villages of Andriivka and Mykulychyn, cities of Makariv and Borodyanka due ro Russian troops actions.

Ukrainian defenders recaptured five settlements in the Chernihiv region

During the operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine also managed to capture two enemy armored vehicles.


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