100 Russian Telegram channels that mimic Ukrainian ones

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Joint statement on the protection of Ukraine’s information space from Russian hostile Telegram channels

While Ukraine is successfully resisting attacks from Russia, the issue of information security is more urgent than ever. Failing to achieve anything substantial on the battlefield, the enemy is trying to sow discord and undermine Ukrainian society.
There are a number of supposedly independent Telegram channels that function for this specific purpose, and their work is actually coordinated by the Kremlin through its special services.

The affiliation of such channels with the Russian special services was previously established by the Security Service of Ukraine as part of criminal proceedings.

The Telegram channels in question include Legetimnyi, Spletnitsa, Kartel, Resident, Nabliudatel, MediaPost, Zhenshchina s kosoy and others. The list is regularly updated.

We urge you to avoid these channels, as their work is funded and coordinated by Russia.
Do not trust them under any circumstances, since such platform disseminate fakes and are part of the information war against Ukraine.
Also please note a number of these channels order advertising in Ukrainian channels for their own “promotion.”

We urge owners and editors of all Ukrainian publications to remember that information, financial and any other support of such resources may be viewed as aiding the enemy and will be prosecuted pursuant to the law.

Glory to Ukraine!

Centre for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defence Council
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Defence
Security Service of Ukraine
Ministry of Culture and Information Policy
Ministry of Digital Transformation
Chief Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine
Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security under the MCIP

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