“War to the last Ukrainian”: how Russians try to disrupt mobilization in Ukraine through TikTok

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The narrative that the Ukrainian authorities do not care about the lives of their citizens, and they are going to fight to the last Ukrainian has been promoted by the Russians for a long time. Unfortunately, some Ukrainian bloggers also play into their hands.

Thus, the Centre for Strategic Communication receives panicky videos in the bot that all Ukrainians, including women, will fight until the population of Ukraine runs out. Allegedly, MPs took their friends and relatives out of Ukraine, so they have nothing to worry about.

Such statements are harmful and aim to weaken the Ukrainian army. The authorities do not intend to fight “to the last Ukrainian” and are fighting for the life of each of their citizens. But we are faced with the issue of preserving the statehood and independence, we are at war with a strong enemy, and therefore we must use all available resources.

The statement about MPs is manipulative as well because they also took up arms to protect the Motherland. Thus, according to the Chesno movement for August 2023, more than 500 MPs of various parties defend Ukraine in the ranks of the Defence Forces.

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