The Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled a missile attack by Russian Forces in the Khmelnytskyi region, and the Polish people have gathered money for ‘Bayraktar’ for Ukraine. The Main News on July 24

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TOP NEWS: Russian Forces continue to shell Mykolaiv. A railway track was damaged near occupied Melitopol. Russian Forces are preparing a pseudo-investigation into the shelling of the Mariupol drama theater. The Ukrainian military continues striking munitions depots and equipment warehouses of Russian Forces in the south. Ukraine is preparing ports near Odesa for the export of grain. The Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen raised more than $3 million.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson visited the military training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the United Kingdom


A railway track was blown up near the temporarily occupied Melitopol

The railway infrastructure used by Russian Forces to transport equipment and personnel was damaged. There were also explosions and smoke at the Melitopol airfield.

The Ukrainian military repelled a missile attack in the Khmelnytskyi region

Air defense forces of Ukraine intercepted three ‘Kalibr’ missiles.

Russian Forces continue to shell Mykolaiv

On July 23, Russian Forces attacked the city with four ‘Kalibr’ missiles. As a result of the strike, a school was destroyed, business and residential buildings were damaged. Five civilians were injured, including a teenager. On July 24, they shelled Mykolaiv again, hitting a private warehouse and several commercial buildings.

Russian Forces are preparing an “investigation” into the shelling of the drama theater in Mariupol

In a pseudo-investigation, they plan to show that Ukraine orchestrated the tragedy.

The Ukrainian military destroyed an ammunition depot and equipment of Russian Forces in the south

On July 23, on the southern front, Russian Forces lost three T-62 tanks, three ‘Grad’ MLRS, a ‘Msta-B’ gun, armored and automotive vehicles, an ammunition depot and supply point.

Ukraine began preparing three ports near Odesa for the export of grain

Seaports ‘Odesa’, ‘Pivdennyi’ and ‘Chornomorsk’ are preparing to resume work. Caravans will be formed there for the arrival and departure of ships with grain.

The Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen raised more than $3 million

At the event, held on the initiative of the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, funds were collected for ambulances.

In Poland, 22.5 million zlotys were donated for ‘Bayraktar’ for Ukraine

More than 200,000 people have contributed.

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