The Russian representative was not allowed to attend the OSCE meeting because of the fear of what he would say

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According to propagandists, the representative of Russia was not allowed to attend the OSCE meetings “because of the fear of hearing the truth.” Let us explain what really happened.

Description of the fake LIE

Ambassador of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Rodion Miroshnik was not allowed to attend the OSCE meeting on security cooperation because the attendees were afraid the Russian representative would talk about the facts the Western audience would find inconvenient. This is reported by the Kremlin media.

Refutation TRUTH

Canada, which chairs this OSCE forum, refused to allow Miroshnik to attend the meeting because he is an incompetent collaborator who is under investigation, StopFake noted.

This man used to be the press secretary of the former President of Ukraine Yanukovych, and at the beginning of the Russian occupation in 2014, he headed the Luhansk Regional State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. In May 2022, Miroshnik was “promoted” to “ambassador of the LPR to Russia,” and in August 2023, he was appointed “ambassador at large for the crimes of the Kiev regime.”

In January 2023, the NSDC decision to impose personal sanctions against 198 Russian propagandists and Ukrainian collaborators came into force. Miroshnik was among them.

Therefore, the non-admission of the accomplice of the Putin regime is in no way connected with the “silencing of Ukrainian violations”; suspects of participation in terrorist groups are simply not given a say on international platforms.

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