The photo of Israeli Merkava tank destroyed by terrorists shows the Russian T-90 destroyed in Ukraine

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Photos of the Israeli Merkava tank destroyed by terrorists are spread. However, in reality, it is a Russian T-90 destroyed in Ukraine.

Description of the fake LIE

HAMAS terrorists turned an Israeli Merkava tank into rubbish during an attack on Israel. Such posts are shared on social networks with a photo of the destroyed tank.

Refutation TRUTH

The picture illustrating the posts is a screenshot from the video of the commander of the AFU Ground Forces Syrskyi, who showed the moment of destruction of the Russian modern T-90 tank with an ATGM by the soldiers of the 66th separate mechanized brigade in the Lyman direction, the journalists of the BezBrekhni project noted.

Fake news is spread in Arabic and English, but Russian propagandists got involved as well. Thus, “war correspondent” Rudenko wrote that the “best” Israeli tanks, are easily destroyed by HAMAS fighters using Ukrainian weapons.

Thus, he tried not only to humiliate Israel, but also to spread the narrative about the transfer of Western weapons by terrorists to Ukraine. We talked more about how Russian propaganda used the war in Israel to discredit Ukraine here.

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