“The main requirement for the activities of Telegram channels is deanonymization,” NSDC Secretary Danilov

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Telegram channels should not be anonymous because the lives of dozens of people — civilians and the military — depend on their work. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov wrote about this on Facebook:

“The main danger, which implies the basic requirement for Telegram channels, is the deanonymization of their activities. Those responsible for disseminating information that reaches and affects millions of people should be known. 

We all have seen and know the consequences of spreading, for example, photos of the results of the air defence activities, the movement of the Defence Forces, the deployment of military units by “unnamed authors.”

According to Danilov, Russia uses Telegram to sow panic among Ukrainians, spread disinformation, and manipulate public opinion.

“A network of Telegram channels is still popular in Ukraine; it is administered by the 85th Main Special Service Center of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces. It is through these channels that we are told about the “failure of mobilization,” “failure of the counteroffensive,” “betrayal of the allies,” “fatigue of the West,” the NSDC Secretary added.

Danilov proposes to use the enemy’s weapons against it, creating a high-quality Ukrainian product with known authors, rather than “anonymous administrators from the Moscow gateway.”

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