The Bucha massacre and missiles’ strikes on Ukrainian cities. The Main News on April 3

The biggest world’s plan Antonov An-225 Mriya destroyed as a result of Russia’s attacks on Hostomel. By Vadim Ghirda

TOP NEWS: After the liberation of the Kyiv Oblast Ukrainian defenders and journalists showed the atrocities of Russia’s Forces in Motyzhyn, Irpin, Bucha and other towns and villages. Russian Forces continue to shell Ukrainian cities, destroying infrastructure. Russia’s missiles hit Odesa, Vasylkiv, Myrhorod, Shepetivka and Pavlohrad. The Ukrainian defenders regained control of Pripyat and the Ukrainian border with Belarus.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: A woman from Nova Basan hugs a Ukrainian defender after the liberation of her village

The residents of the liberated village of Nova Basan greet the Ukrainian defenders. By Narciso Contreras


The atrocities of the Russian Forces in the Kyiv Oblast

After the liberation of the Kyiv Oblast Ukrainian defenders and journalists showed the atrocities of Russia’s Forces in Motyzhyn, Irpin, Bucha and other towns and villages. Mass graves, dozens of murdered people, some of them had their hands tied, some of murdered was shot in their heads.

British Foreign Secretary is shocked by Russia’s Forces’ crimes against peaceful Ukrainians

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has been shocked by the atrocities committed by Russian Forces in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities. 

The Bucha massacre in top world media

All top world media have reported about Russia’s near Kyiv. 

Russia targeted Shepetivka, Myrhorod and Pavlohrad with missiles

Russian Forces launched missile strikes on Pavlohrad, Myrhorod and Shepetivka. As a result of the attack the railway in Pavlohrad, the airport in Myrhorod and the industrial facility in Shepetivka have been damaged.

Russia destroyed the Kremenchuk oil refinery

Russian Forces shelled the Kremenchuk oil refinery and destroyed its infrastructure.

Russia’s Forces targeted Odesa

Russia has struck the critical infrastructure in Odesa with missiles. As a result the fuel depot and the oil refinery were damaged.

Russia’s Forces hit Vasylkiv with missiles

Russia launched a missile strike on the town of Vasylkiv in the Kyiv Oblast. The missiles hit a building. As a result of the attack, several people were injured.

In Izium, Russia destroyed 80% of residential buildings

Russia destroyed the city of Izium in the Kharkiv Oblast, targeted the city with missiles, artillery and bombardments for almost a month. About 15-20 thousand people are still blocked in Izium and the suburban area.

More than 4,000 people were evacuated from three oblasts on April 2

4,217 people were evacuated from the Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia Oblasts. About one and a half thousand people were evacuated from Mariupol and Berdyansk.

The Ukrainian defenders regained the control over the city of Pripyat

The city of Pripyat and the border with Belarus are now under the full control of Ukrainian Forces.

More than 13% of Ukrainian roads have been destroyed

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, 23 thousands kilometers of the roads have been destroyed, as well as  273 infrastructure objects like bridges, overpasses and so on. Ukraine needs at least UAH 874 billions to reconstruct the roads and bridges.

The Baltic states stopped importing gas from Russia

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia stopped importing Russian gas. This is countries’ response to Russia’s invasion in Ukraine and Russia’s demand to pay for gas in Russian rubles.


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