Sowing panic among diplomats is what the Kremlin wants

The United States’ decision to evacuate families of Embassy employees from Ukraine is a premature step and excessive caution. The Kremlin seeks to sow panic and chaos.

“A lot of disinformation is circling around the media space to sow panic among Ukrainians and foreigners, scare businesses and undermine the stability of our country. In this situation, it is important to assess the risk reasonably and stay calm,” explains Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The US Embassy will continue to operate fully, and its staff can only leave if they wish

At the same time, the EU has no plans to evacuate the families of its diplomats and urges to avoid dramatic responses.

“We do not plan to do the same as the United States, because we do not see any specific reasons for this,” said EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell.

Estonia is also not planning to evacuate its embassy — the Ambassador Kaimo Kuusk believes it is best not to be intimidated by Russia.

“We were among the first to help. We do not have a huge scale, but we have not left those who ask for help hanging; this is the most important thing,” said the Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine.


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