Russians Write Soldiers of the AFU to Be Buried in Biodegradable Bags for Soil Fertility

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Statements that soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be buried in biodegradable bags for soil fertility are fake.

Description of the fake LIE

The United News marathon, broadcast by 1+1, featured a story about Ukrainian environmentalists suggesting burying the servicemen of the Defense Forces in biodegradable capsule bags for the soil to become more fertile. Information resources controlled by the Kremlin report it.

Refutation TRUTH

In fact, the 1+1 channel did not release a video with such a story. To make the fake credible, the Russians took footage from the video about the Italian Company Capsula Mundi, which back in 2015 showed the concept of organic burial and is engaged in the manufacture of biodegradable capsules, VoxCheck investigators found out.

“The shots with the trees growing and the women who bowed near the coffins are identical in both videos, while the image of a man in a capsule was changed. The authors changed the colour of the man from red to blue and yellow, while his posture and background remained the same,” the researchers explain.

At the same time, journalists found that no Ukrainian media wrote about the “proposals of environmentalists.” Neither are there comments nor statements by Ukrainian ecologists who would support the burial of Ukrainian soldiers in this way.

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