Propagandists faked the cover of the Turkish magazine Le Man to discredit Zelenskyy

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False: The cover of the Turkish magazine Le Man features an angry Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is unhappy that the world’s media is focused on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The news of this is being spread by propaganda media and Telegram channels with pro-Russian rhetoric.

The truth is: This is photoshopped and such a cover has never existed, you can check it on the official website of Le Man magazine because there is no such image.

“The fake cover indicates that the date of issue is October 16 (number 1647), and the last issue of the magazine is dated October 11 under number 1646. We failed to find anything with President Zelenskyy,” the fact-checkers of the BezBrekhni (Without Lie) project found out.

Investigators looked through the social networks of the Turkish publication and found no caricature with Zelenskyy there either.

By spreading this fake, Kremlin propagandists continue to speculate about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, try to discredit the President of Ukraine and create the illusion that the world is tired of the war in Ukraine.

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