News that the United States “Proposed to Limit the Work of the SSU Because of Zelenskyy’s Actions” Is Fake

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Description of the fake LIE

The President of Ukraine uses the Security Service of Ukraine to suppress the opposition and arrest all those who oppose the government. Therefore, the United States proposes to limit the work of the Security Service of Ukraine, Russian media write, citing a column by ex-Pentagon employee Stephen Bryen.

Refutation TRUTH

The United States provided Kyiv with a proposed list of priority reforms for discussion and feedback as part of its support for Ukraine and its efforts to integrate into Europe. However, we are talking about reforms aimed at combating corruption, not restricting the work of the SSU.

Neither are the allegations that the Security Service suppresses the opposition true. SSU officers conduct counter-intelligence, expose collaborators and target spotters, conduct special operations and anti-terrorist measures.

The personality of Stephen Bryen, the author of the column, also deserves special attention. In his post, he promotes Russian narratives that Ukraine has not made progress in the counteroffensive, the Russians destroyed the German tank crew on the battlefield, and the murder of the Russian Black Sea Fleet commander Sokolov is a fake.

In May 2023, Bryen claimed that the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Zaluzhnyi, had actually died, and all the videos with him were falsified by the Ukrainian side. Obviously, this former Pentagon employee is spreading narratives and outright fakes beneficial to Russia, so his words should not be trusted.

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