Merciful Kadyrovites and Nuclear Threats: Russia Keeps Blackmailing the World

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While international efforts to help Ukraine are intensifying, and the issue of Ukrainian resistance is being discussed at the highest levels at the EU summit, NATO summit and G7 summit, Russia is trying to blackmail the entire world. With unwavering cynicism, Russian propagandists are threatening the West with the use of nuclear weapons, resorting to various ways to discredit Ukraine’s allies while presenting themselves in a positive light.

NATO is once again “provoking” Russia to use nuclear weapons

Russia does not stop threatening with nuclear weapons and hinting at how easy it would be to use them. Head of Roscosmos Dmitri Rogozin recently boasted of Russia’s arsenal, noting that it would be, of course, “a last resort.” Russian diplomat in the US Polyansky directly said that Russia could press the “nuclear button” if “provoked” by the NATO. What he meant by “provocation” was apparently the “interference” of NATO countries into the war in Ukraine.

Russia is a victim of baseless attacks

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov also maintains the idea of “provocations” by NATO, claiming that it is NATO allies who constantly bring up nuclear weapons and highlight this subject in the media discourse. Apparently, he did not read the interviews of his own officials and diplomats. This narrative is then picked up by propaganda channels using the typical logic of abuse: Russia allegedly does not want any war or the use of nuclear weapons, but constant “provocations” by the West can force it to take that step. Some propaganda materials even come up with pseudo-scientific explanations “proving” that the West was preparing to organize a nuclear strike on Russia, using Ukraine to this end.

The courage and kindness of “Kadyrovites”

Ramzan Kadyrov has become another mouthpiece of the Kremlin’s idea that Russia brings help and salvation to Ukraine, not despair and death. In his Telegram channel, he cynically claims that Kadyrovites are allegedly saving Mariupol residents, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine “don’t care” about them. The propagandist “news show” Vremya showed a story about Kadyrovites allegedly delivering humanitarian aid to the population. Meanwhile, the propaganda machine repeats the false narratives that Russia does not harm civilians and does not commit war crimes — instead, Ukraine is apparently ruining its own territories.

Biden is the biggest war criminal

Continuing attempts to split the unity of Ukraine’s allies, on the eve of the NATO summit and US President Joe Biden’s visit to Poland, the propaganda machine began to increasingly discredit both America and its leader. Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the Russian Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, was one of numerous sources mentioning in his Telegram channel the 23rd anniversary of NATO’s military operations in the former Yugoslavia, stressing Joe Biden’s personal responsibility. It is this idea that underlies NATO’s alleged attempts to build a world order “on blood,” which Russia allegedly opposes.

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