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Memorial to Great Famine Victims in Kyiv Will Become a World-Class Museum, — Drobovych

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The memorial to victims of the Holodomor in Kyiv is the first world-class museum that independent Ukraine is constructing. Construction of the second phase of the museum has been going on since 2017.

This was stated by Chairman of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Anton Drobovych during the discussion “How Do We Preserve the Truth about Holodomor” by the Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security.

“This museum costs at least UAH 1.5 billion, and the exposition will cost several million dollars. Ukraine has not built such grand museums before. And this museum is dedicated to the tragedy of the Holodomor. Thus, this speaks to the position of the state,” he said.

Drobovich reminded that in 2009, the first stage of the Holodomor Memorial was opened. “One of the greatest places of remembrance of the Holodomor in Ukraine and in the world is being established. It is becoming a place where the tradition of honouring the victims’ memory is created. And real places are essential for that; they strengthen the culture of remembrance,” the chairman of the Institute of National Memory emphasized.

He added that Ukraine already has a national consensus on the Holodomor, and the state supports this consensus in society. “There is no Ukrainian family that has not suffered from the communist totalitarian regime. Every family has its own story connected with the Holodomor, which is connected with the Red Terror or some other repressions,” said Drobovych.

According to him, the national policy on the Holodomor is now based on three important principles. First, the state is aware of the importance of the Holodomor and has already established an official ceremony for honouring its victims. Second, it supports public consensus on the Holodomor. Third, it does not interfere in academic discussion and does not set tasks for researchers.

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