Gas blockade of Poland and Bulgaria and suspending all duties on imports from Ukraine by the EU. The Main News on April 27

Ukrainian defenders are targeting Russian Forces with multiple rocket launchers on the outskirts of Popasna. By Marian Kushnir

TOP NEWS: Russian Forces continue to constantly shell Ukrainian cities. Russian Forces  attacked the bridge connecting Odesa with the south of the region with missiles. In Severodonetsk, a hospital was hit. Russian energy giant Gazprom began cutting off gas to countries that refused to pay for supplies in rubles. The Allies continue to provide military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. The EU takes steps to suspend all duties on imports from Ukraine for a year.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Volunteers from neighboring villages and towns came to help clean up the streets of Hostomel, which had been under Russian occupation for a month


Russian Forces shelled Kharkiv with mortars and artillery

Russian Forces continue to attack residential areas of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region. At least three people were killed and 15 people were injured.

Russian Forces targeted a hospital in Severodonetsk

Russian Forces shelled a hospital in Severodonetsk, damaging several floors at once. One woman was killed.

Russian Forces launched a missile strike on the bridge across Dniester Estuary

Russian Forces have again attacked the bridge across Dniester Estuary in the Odesa region. No one was injured. But damages will be clarified.

In Kherson, Russian Forces dispersed a peaceful pro-Ukraine rally

Residents of Kherson took to the streets to protest against the pseudo-referendum in the region. Russian forces have used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse a rally.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine summed up the results of the historic meeting of defense ministers from 40 countries in Germany

The Advisory Group on Defense of Ukraine was established after a meeting of the defense ministers from 40 countries at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. This group will coordinate the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov.

Russian Gazprom halted gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Russian energy giant Gazprom says it has halted gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria over the countries’ refusal to pay for supplies in rubles.

Austria pays for Russian gas in euros

Austrian Chancellor Karl Negammer denied the news that the Austrian company OMV agreed to pay for gas in Russian rubles.

Poland announces sanctions against Russian oligarchs and entities amid war in Ukraine

In response to the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, Poland has decided to impose sanctions against dozens of Russian oligarchs and entities. The entities listed in the sanctions include Russian energy giant Gazprom and Russia’s second-largest natural gas producer Novatek. 

Great Britain will provide ambulances and fire engines to Ukraine

Great Britain will provide 22 ambulances and more than 40 fire engines to Ukraine. Great Britain will also provide medicines and medical devices to Ukraine.

Australia will provide howitzers, ammunition and humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Australia will provide six M777 howitzers, including ammunition, to Ukraine as well as $ 65 million in humanitarian aid and more than 70,000 tons of coal.

EU takes steps to suspend all duties on imports from Ukraine

The European Commission has proposed today to suspend for one year import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the European Union. The Ukrainian government is negotiating with Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Germany and other countries to deliver Ukrainian exports through their ports.

Prague street in front of Russian Embassy, nearby bridge renamed to honor Ukrainian heroes

The name of the Prague street in front of the Russian Embassy has been changed to Ukrainian Heroes Street and a bridge nearby has been renamed in honor of a Ukrainian soldier.


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