FAKE: Zelenska’s Foundation is accused of human trafficking

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The Centre for Strategic Communication debunked another lie of the Russians, which our readers sent to our bot.

Lie: The organization of the First Lady of Ukraine, under the guise of aid, secretly traffics in children, some of them falling into the hands of paedophiles throughout Europe. This is reported by Russian Telegram channels with reference to The DC Weekly.

Truth: the publication that spread such a “sensational revelation” is not credible, but it is often quoted by Russian media.

Firstly, the authors of The DC Weekly articles are fake. In particular, the biography of Jessica Devlin, who allegedly wrote a material about the Zelenska Foundation, is fictional (the journalist is called outstanding and recognized, but even Google does not know anything about her). The photo on her profile actually shows the writer Judy Batalion.

Secondly, the section “Contacts” contains complete nonsense just to fill the page with text and several email addresses that are not even associated with the name of the publication. Thanks to this, the site remains anonymous, it is unclear who is responsible for the materials.

As for the article itself, the video with the alleged testimony of the driver of the Zelenska Foundation is used as “evidence.” However, it looks like another poor fake; the video is of low quality, the man is not visible behind the mask and hood, he speaks French.

There is no evidence that the Zelenska Foundation traffics in children. They are invented by the enemy to discredit the Ukrainian authorities and Ukraine as a whole.

The International Criminal Court has real evidence that Russia is deporting Ukrainian children, so it will not be possible to avoid responsibility for these crimes.

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