FAKE: Ukraine wants to give up Western weapons because of supply difficulties

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Description of the fake LIE

Ukraine is ready to give up Western weapons due to supply difficulties. This was reported by the Russian media with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

Refutation TRUTH

In the article Ukraine’s Latest Ask of U.S.: Help Us Make Our Own Weapons, journalists wrote about how Ukraine, with the help of Western partners, is going to establish its own production of weapons.

The authors of the article note that the need to resume national production of weapons is relevant at a time when the United States is delaying the approval of the allocation of funds for military support to Ukraine, Western weapons stocks are being depleted, and the end of the war is not on the horizon, StopFake project experts state.

The article does not say that Ukraine has given up Western weapons due to “supply difficulties.” This statement was invented by propagandists to worsen Ukraine’s relations with its allies.

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