FAKE: Turkish publication LeMan released an issue with Xi Jinping and “dead Biden” on the cover

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Description of the fake LIE

The Turkish satirical magazine LeMan published an issue dedicated to the meeting of U.S. President Biden with Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco. The illustration is complemented by a quote in Turkish: “If you sit by the river for a long time, you can see how the body of your enemy floats by.” The cover is spread by users.

Refutation TRUTH

There is no such cover on the official pages of the magazine on Facebook, X (former Twitter), and Instagram, fact-checkers of the Vox Ukraine project found.

“In addition, no new issues were published on the official LeMan page for November 17, 2023.”

Regarding the 45th issue since the beginning of the year (or 1,652), it was published on November 22, but it had a different cover: it was devoted to the conditions of living in dormitories.

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