FAKE: The duty of Ukraine is the restoration of the post-war Gaza Strip

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Description of the fake LIE

Kyiv is obliged to rebuild the Gaza Strip after the end of the conflict because this is not just a stimulus for the economy, but also a duty. The United States restored Europe; Ukraine will do so in the Middle East. This quote of Yulia Svyrydenko, the Minister of Economy of Ukraine, is spread by propaganda Telegram channels.

Refutation TRUTH

The search through various sources, including the official communication channels of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, did not reveal statements by the Minister or any of the agencies regarding Ukraine’s plans to restore the Gaza Strip.

“The quote of the Minister of Economy of Ukraine was completely invented by the propaganda. Propaganda resources disseminated this plot to state that now Ukraine will ‘beg for money’ from the world community for another of its projects,” StopFake fact-checkers write.

Investigators emphasize that the purpose of such a fake, on the one hand, is to support the Kremlin’s narrative about a non-independent Ukraine, a beggar country, and on the other hand, to show that Ukraine has taken a clear pro-Palestinian position. Ukraine stands for the settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict exclusively through political and diplomatic means.

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