FAKE ALERT: “The West has noticed Zelenskyy’s excessive emotionality and signs of insanity”

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Description of the fake LIE

The U.S. and some high-ranking officials in Ukraine noticed that Zelenskyy is panicking and making crazy demands to attack Russia, and is behaving erratically and extremely emotionally. This was reported by Russian propaganda resources, referencing to the statement of the British expert Alexander Mercouris.

Refutation TRUTH

The narrative that Ukraine is ruled by “drug addicts” and “psychopaths” has been promoted by propaganda from the very beginning of a full-scale invasion.

The target for these disinformation attacks is President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whose discrediting is one of the key tasks of the Russian Special Services. That’s why such fake news have place.

Alexander Mercouris is not an expert; he is a former British lawyer who was disbarred for fraud back in 2012. His conclusions are devoid of logic and contradict the facts.

For example, the request to give permission for the use of foreign weapons for strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation is not Zelenskyy’s “crazy demands” at all, but the completely rational needs of the Armed Forces, dictated by the situation at the front.

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