FAKE ALERT: “The U.S. and Great Britain did not allow Ukraine to make peace with Russia”

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Description of the fake LIE

For years, the Russians offered to end the war through negotiations, but the representatives of the United States and Great Britain did not allow Ukraine to do so. This was reported by propagandists on Telegram channels, referencing the statement of former U.S. State Department employee Matthew Hoh.

Refutation TRUTH

Putin’s regime, with its “peace proposals,” is only trying to consolidate the occupation and the regime of terror in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

In addition, the Kremlin cynically trades new Ukrainian territories for itself and seeks the lifting of sanctions and an operational pause to restore the fighting capacity of the occupying forces and later resume aggression.

In addition, the Russians do not support their statements with any real actions aimed at peace: they continue to regularly shell Ukrainian cities and villages and kill Ukrainians. All these are not “proposals for a peaceful end to the war,” they are invitations to surrender.

As for Matthew Hoh, he is a regular guest on Russian propaganda broadcasts, regularly broadcasting Russian propaganda narratives and “laundering” them for Western audiences.

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